NEXT EVENT | AC.CRUE FALL| 09. 23-24. 17


We, self-proclaimed shopaholics, have been re-selling our personal itemsover the past few years in order to provide the city with our stylish looks (& to support our own bad habits!).

In the past - our only other options were selling online, or just giving up and going to the consignment shops to get rid of the things we have hoarded over the past several seasons. While we also set up homemade pop-up shops, they never quite attracted the crowd that we had hoped for. This left us with massive amounts of amazing items piled up & taking up space in our closets.

Together, we organized a rummage sale of grand proportions and were able to offer a space that was accessible to everyone and had enough variety to reach more people collectively to shop our personally curated items. The sale was a such a huge success & we nearly sold out within the first hour!

After counting our profits at the end of the day and paying out anywhere from $200-$600 to other girls just like us trying to sell fashionable outfits that we were ready to part with, we realized that we had this amazing opportunity to give others a similar platform to do the same.

Now we’re excited to offer that very space to more creatives & fashionistas! We want to provide a safe space to buy and sell but most importantly create a community environment. We want to be able to support local individuals like ourselves & create an event that brings a diverse crowd of people together to shop, socialize, and grow.

By joining the CRUE, you will be a given a platform to sell your gently used & well loved clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, and even your own handmade art & goods at our artisan table.

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